Analog “Helios 1” Neumyvakina – apparatus “Ecosvet 1”

Analog "Helios 1" Neumyvakina - apparatus "Ecosvet 1"
Аппарат "Экосвет 1"

The choice of therapeutic and preventive methods of maintaining human health in modern conditions, when most pathological conditions occur against a background of various immune and pathological disorders, requires the search for new complex and systemic approaches.

A considerable part of the population of our country considers that the sphere of searching for new ways of recovery and rehabilitation of a person lies in the field of improving and expanding the use of atraumatic medical devices. The most famous of them is the apparatus of ultraviolet radiation "Helios", which embodied the scientific ideas of the traditional healer and the great scientist Neumyvakin.

Less known for a wide range of admirers Neumyvakina device "Ecosvet1" - a later, and therefore more modern development of this area in medical practice. The device realizes the technology of ultraviolet therapy on a fundamentally new polychromatic light-impulse basis and is therefore more effective in its effectiveness.

The efficiency of the device is determined by its wide functionality:

- short duration of light exposure (0.001 sec);

- the possibility of local application in various parts of the body (skin diseases, open wound, postoperative scar, etc.)

- compatibility with other medicinal products.

-portability and mobility;

The device is patented, developed and manufactured by the Krasnodar enterprise for the production of medical equipment "Ecosvet" (author Dr. YM Belyaev). Currently used in 72 hospitals, more than two hundred - at home.

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