Q & A

1. Is it necessary to carry out special preparation of the skin in the places where the emitter is installed?
– If the skin is not damaged and not contaminated, then do not.

2. How correctly and with what modes you need to start working with the device?
– These questions can be answered in the instructions on the application on page 5 in the section “Techniques for conducting procedures”, on page 6 – “Methodical recommendations”, on page 7 – “Modes of influence in the treatment of various diseases.”
Basically, the treatment should begin with a minimum number of pulses -40, on the sixth day following the recommendations of the instruction.

3. When can we expect the first tangible results of treatment?
Depending on the type of disease and the course of treatment, the manifestation of the changes associated with the immune status should be expected, as a rule, not earlier than one month, however any local changes (for example, on the skin) can occur much earlier, even after 3 days.

4. How often can I repeat treatment?
– Depending on the results, the course of treatment can be repeated, but not earlier than one month later.

5. What course of treatment is preventive for a healthy person?
– For these purposes, a course of at least 10 procedures (days) is applied. For prevention of acute respiratory disease and influenza, we recommend 25-30 procedures (days).

6. Is there a dependence of treatment regimen on age, weight, height?
– There is no significant relationship. However, the presence of an increased fat layer implies increased regimens within the limits recommended by the instruction.

7. How long does the treatment effect last for chronic skin diseases?
– There is no single deadline.

8. How does the device affect the potency, are there any side effects?
– According to users feedback – it is positive, sometimes even very, there are no side effects.

9. What are the contraindications for treatment with the device?
– The main contraindications are set out in the instructions. They are common to ultraviolet treatments.