Technical characteristics of “Ecoswet 1” apparatus

The apparatus is operated from the AC mains of (220 ± 22) V voltage, 50 Hz frequency. Average power consumption is maximum 100 W. The overall dimensions of the apparatus are maximum 210 x 140 x 60 mm, of the radiating unit – maximum ø80 x 200 mm. Net weight of the apparatus is maximum 2 kg. The effective spectral range is 305 – 405 nm in pulse mode with pulse duration of 10-3 s and frequency of 1.5 Hz, number of pulses (exposures) – 40. Diameter of light spot at the distance of 10 mm from the diaphragm edge of radiating unit – at least 100 mm. According to the provisions of GOST R 51609 based on the degree of potential hazard the apparatus is classified as a device of class 2a. Climatic version – category 4.2 for “moderate” and “cold climate” pursuant to GOST R 50444.