Main advantages of “Ecoswet 1”

Main advantages of “Ecoswet 1” apparatus as compared to 

laser apparatuses for blood irradiation:

  • safety – there is no contact with blood
  • wider range of indications and less number of contraindications for use;
  • larger radiation exposure area, possibility to use for dermal diseases;
  • wide UV spectral band, which is beyond performance of lasers and light-emitting diodes.


Advantages of “Ecoswet 1” apparatus as compared to 

laser and LED irradiation analogues, such as “Milta”, “Vityaz”, etc.:

  • wide spectral band, comprising ultraviolet section (which is actually beyond performance of the analogues);
  • better suitability of irradiation to human physiology as it is adapted to natural sunlight (mountain sun);
  • larger radiation exposure area, that is of high importance in dermatology, surgery and physiotherapy;
  • safety (absence of phase irradiation, short radiation exposure period);
  • pulsed photo performance of an apparatus similar to “Ecoswet 1” has priority registered in 1985 – date of the first application to Rospatent (Method of light therapy).


Difference of “Ecoswet 1” apparatus from

traditional UVI-apparatuses and “solariums”:

  • Strict dosage of pulsed irradiation generated by “Ecoswet 1” apparatus causes no erythema (hyperemia and tanning), it is safe.
  • UVI-band of “Ecoswet 1” apparatus is safe (irradiation is free of short waves, which are destructive for protein molecules).
  • Therapeutic effect of “Ecoswet 1” apparatus is significantly higher due to deep penetration of irradiation.