“Ecoswet 1” apparatus

“Ecoswet” LLC has developed and patented in Russia (the author – Yu.M.Belayev, Deputy Director General, Cand.Eng.Sci., Dr.Econ.Sci.) a new in the world’s practice method of polychromatic light pulse therapy (PLPT), and in addition established production of “Ecoswet 1” apparatus that implements one of the above method versions – ultraviolet irradiation of organism (UVI). The apparatus is registered by the Federal Service on Surveillance in Health Care and Social Development of the Russian Federation – Roszdravnadzor (registration certificate no. FSR2007/01387 dated 11.12.2007), was several times certified: the recent declaration of conformity no. ROSS RU.IM02.D00893 dated 11.07.2014. Recommendations for its use are developed by the All-Russian Rehabilitation Medical Society, approved by Roszdravnadzor and Scientific Board of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Through the use of UVI pulse mode simultaneously in two sectors of UV-range (A, B), and also partially in the visible and infrared wavelength band (less than 1%), the mechanism of the apparatus effect on a human body causes efficient stimulation of non-specific defence of cellular and humoral immunity, starts up the reactions and processes intended to restore damaged functions of organs and tissues, to recover any local damages.

Such mechanism is the most suitable for human physiology. It improves also functional conditions of those organs, which are not directly exposed to UVI. And it should be noted that UVI has essential advantages in comparison with laser radiation: wide spectral range with spectral characteristics more adaptable to human organism and blood, better suitability for human physiology; better performance (especially in hemodynamic therapy); noninvasiveness, safety, less duration of application.