Title establishing documents

Method of therapy, implemented in the apparatus, is covered by Patent of Russia No.2556608 dated 16 June 2015 – “Method of noninvasive polychromatic light pulsed therapy”, and “Ecoswet 1” apparatus – by Patent of Russia No.2150972 dated 14.10.1996, “Apparatus for ultraviolet irradiation”.

The products, manufactures by the enterprise of “Ecoswet” LLC, are pretected by the trademark certificate No.373525, the titleholder- “Ecoswet” LLC, Application No.2007734555, the trademark priority dated 07 November 2007. Registered in the RF State Register of service trademarks on 27 February 2009. The registration validity period till 07 November 2017.  Date of publication 25.03.2009.Title establishing documentsTitle establishing documents