Practical application of “Ecoswet 1” apparatus

At present “Ecoswet 1” apparatus has passed clinical testing in many scientific institutions and also was used in health promotion programs at a number of sanatorium-resort, medical, recreation, preventive and other organizations of the country. Based on the results of its application many healthcare institutions gave favourable conclusions for further use of the apparatus, such as several departments of the Kuban State Medical University, clinical hospitals and polyclinics. The apparatus was awarded diplomas at various exhibitions of medical devices and equipment in the Russian Federation.

Today the key intended applications of “Ecoswet 1” apparatus are as follows: dysfunction of human immune status; chronic inflammatory diseases of internal organs; musculoskeletal diseases; metabolic disorders; allergic diseases; chronic fatigue syndrome; psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea; suppurative inflammatory diseases, nonhealing ulcers and wounds; diseases, caused by durable deficiency of solar irradiation. It is important to note, that a wide range of diseases successfully respond to treatment with the help of such method: from rehabilitation therapy to oncology, contagious diseases and ophthalmological disorders (“dry eye” syndrome).

The results of treatment at many medical institutions confirmed that “Ecoswet 1” apparatus can be successfully used for treatment of type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, there are certain positive results when the apparatus may be helpful in complex treatment of “diabetic foot”. Considerable practical materials are collected concerning treatment of psoriasis, various types of allergy, upper respiratory tract diseases, influenza, angina, gout, etc.

Practical use of the apparatus also facilitated to reduce (up to 20%) duration of treatment and period of patients’ temporary disability, which results in increase of labour efficiency and finally in decrease of financial and production losses.

The apparatus can assist in treatment and healthcare of population, living on solar-deficient territories, especially suffering from lack of ultraviolet sunlight component, for instance in the Northern regions of the country. Sunlight deficiency affects human immunity, emphasizes adverse health impact of stresses in everyday life, causes chronic fatigue conditions. Together with limited availability of complete vitamins such environment not only contributes to decrease of labour productivity, but also deteriorates life quality and inevitably cause such negative consequences as chronic diseases due to immune disorders: metabolic diseases, endocrine pathologies, etc. People more often have catarrhal diseases: acute respiratory viral infections, upper respiratory tract infections, anginas.