Methods of operation

Depending on UVI mode the apparatus can be operated as follows:

MODE 1: position the radiating unit around cubital fossa (as a rule of the left arm, put palm upside on a support – table, stand, etc.) and press to skin. It is also possible to position the radiating unit at large arteries: in shoulder, inguinal, epigastric areas. If the radiating unit is pressed to the target surface with force up to 3 kg/sq.m the impact depth shall be increased by 2-3 times.

MODE 2: position the radiating unit at the distance of max. 10 mm above sites of damaged skin. Mode 2 shall be more effective at parallel operation of Mode 1. The apparatus is approved for use at home.

Positioning of radiating unit when performing procedures

Methods of operation

Effects, achieved by application of the apparatus for treatment of:

  1. Viral hepatitis: facilitates quick healing of skin cover, relieves headache, weakness, itching and burning in the area of eruptions. Significantly reduces recurrence rate.
  2. Allergic diseases: less doses of medicine are required to stop attacks of diseases; weakens response of the organism to harmful season factors for a long time.
  3. Rheumatopid arthritis: normalizes blood circulation; relieves pain, improves psychoemotional state.
  4. Suppurative-inflammatory diseases: normalizes body temperature, improves biochemical blood test results.
  5. Atherosclerosis: normalizes arterial pressure, calms, decreases anxiety level. Relieves from dizziness, improves sleep disorders. Decreases cardiac rate in case of tachycardia.
  6. Type 2 diabetes: decreases blood sugar level. Improves general state of endocrine system. Prevents complications.
  7. Coronary heart disease: improves blood circulation, controls arterial pressure, improves metabolism, facilitates recovery of coronary heart vessels.
  8. Psoriasis: normalizes immune system, stabilizes metabolic processes, reduces eruptions and plaques.
  9. Eye diseases: cures “dry eye” syndrome, normalizes blood circulation, relieves edema of eyelids.
  10. Muscular injury, dislocations, strains and hematomas: relieves pain and edema, twice faster ensures rehabilitation. Efficient for healing of bed sores. Accelerates bone unions in case of fracture.
  11. Prevention of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza: stimulates body defences.