Export advantages of the apparatus in comparison with its foreign analogues

The most common in Europe apparatus “Bioptron”, developed by “Zepter” company (manufactured by “Bioptron AG”), has fundamental distinctive features from “Ecoswet 1” apparatus:

  • “Bioptron” generates continuous polarized optical radiation in the optical band from 480 to 3400 nm, i.e. in visible and near infrared bands, and comprises no ultraviolet spectrum component;
  • “Ecoswet 1” apparatus generates pulse radiation (pulse duration – 1 millisecond, frequency – 1-1.5 Hz), mainly in ultraviolet range within 301 – 407 nm (near and middle UV band), with maximum approximately at 358 nm, i.e. it is correlated with spectral sensitivity of hemoglobin in blood, and in addition the radiation band has short section of radiation in red and near infrared range (about 1% of radiation flow);
  • mechanisms of therapeutic effect from the radiations generated by the both devices also have fundamental distinction, and it is obvious that “Ecoswet 1” apparatus has much more capabilities and is more effective due to more wide energetic and chronotherapeutic features of pulse radiation in the specified spectral range, that is confirmed by the provided conclusions on fulfilled researches and clinical tests.

Price of “Bioptron” apparatus is 1000-1500 USD, price of “Ecoswet 1” apparatus is within 350-500 USD. “Ecoswet 1” apparatus has no prototypes abroad and in RF.