Comparison of “Ecoswet 1” apparatus with UVI analogues

In USA and Germany since 1928 there is well-known the apparatus for invasive UVI blood treatment (autotransfusion of UV-irradiated blood – AUVBI). Before wide use of antibacterial preparations such method was rather popular and was recommended for use in intensive therapy, obstetrics and other spheres of medicine.

Nowadays AUVBI therapy is also widely used for treatment of many diseases.  American Association of Bone and Joint Surgeons (ABJS), for instance, approved the following indications for its use: acute and recurrent infections, complicated with septicemia, puerperal sepsis, carbunculosis, viral infections, allergic diseases, arthropathies. There exists also a number of other recommendations: arterial sclerosis, consequences of old myocardial infarction, Raynaud disease, silicosis, arterial hypertension, chronic eczema, disseminated sclerosis, postconcussion syndrome, trophic ulcer, hepatitis, nephrosclerosis, anemia of various origin, etc.

In Russia “Izolda-MD-73 M” apparatus is used for AUVBI therapy (manufacturer: LPO “Signal”, Saint-Petersburg).

AUVBI method is rather efficient, however its application is limited because of considerable risk of infection contamination, laboriousness, painfulness and low capacity (total time required for such procedure is about 90 minutes).

The key advantages of “Ecoswet 1” apparatus for noninvasive blood treatment as compared to “Izolda-MD-73 M” apparatus for  AUVBI-therapy are as follows:

  • safety – there is no contact with blood;
  • short duration of procedures – not more than 10 minutes (i.e. at least 12 times shorter);
  • small size and portability of the device;
  • comfortable conditions for such procedures.